Camp Philosophy
The philosophy of the Pirate Sports Camp is to provide a safe environment in which the campers can learn the fundamentals of a variety of sports, participate in traditional day camp activities, and feel that they have achieved a measure of success. All campers are encouraged to participate in all of the drills, games and associated activities. The staff help to promote a healthy respect for the sport, individual rights and the common values we all hold true: honesty, cooperation, caring for others, friendship and self-esteem.

Camp Objectives

Medical Staff
A full time Athletic Trainer will be on duty to administer to minor injuries or sickness. The majority of the staff is also certified in First Aid/CPR. For more serious problems local hospital facilities are available.

Lunch & Snacks
Lunch is provided in Seton Hallís University Center Cafeteria. Additional beverages and snacks can also be purchased daily at the Pirate Canteen throughout the week.